Friday, November 17, 2006

LimeWire Files Amended Counterclaims in RIAA Lawsuit

Ray Beckerman writes on The Recording Industry vs. The People:

LimeWire has filed amended and expanded counterclaims in its lawsuit with the RIAA, Arista v. Lime Wire:

The counterclaims allege that the record companies and their co-conspirators "conspired to delay and disrupt the entry and emergence of [P2P], and to extend their oligopoly in the distribution of recorded music over the new market for the electronic distibution of music via the Internet." (Paragraph 28).

They further allege that the RIAA "sought to preserve the market power they possessed by conspiring to refuse to license their catalogs for competitive digital distribution, and instead acting together to delay and inhibit digital distribution both of the recorded music they controlled and what little recorded music they did not control." (Paragraph 30).

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