Tuesday, October 02, 2007

California: State Internet Services Shut Down Over Hacker Intrusion

Nancy Vogel writes in The Los Angeles Times:

A hacker who directed people from a county website to pornography triggered a federal shutdown of state government Internet and e-mail service late Tuesday afternoon, according to a spokesman for Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The state system, which uses the domain name "ca.gov," was never hacked and all of its websites and e-mail should be functioning within a few hours, spokesman Aaron McLear said.

He said the federal government moved to suspend the state's Internet and e-mail service after someone hacked into a county website that contained the domain name ca.gov and redirected people to a pornography site. McLear said he did not know which county website was hacked.

The unauthorized diversion of Internet traffic to pornography raised a red flag for federal regulators, who moved to shut down the entire ca.gov domain until California officials prevailed upon them to reverse the suspension, according to McLear.

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