Friday, January 02, 2009

Some Kids' Cameras Coming With Viruses


A popular digital camera for children is causing problems for at least one Minnesota family this Christmas. Some of Fisher-Price's Kid-Tough digital cameras have viruses that are affecting not just the camera, but computers as well.

Anna Tapper couldn't wait to tear open and try out her favorite present.

"I take pictures of lots of things," Anna said.

Her father, Jeff Tapper, said she had a big smile on her face the minute she knew what it was.

"She was glad to have her own camera and she didn't have to ask mom and dad for theirs and she could take as many pictures as she wanted," Tapper said.

When Tapper went to download her work, he found her camera had two viruses. Luckily, his anti-virus software spotted them before he downloaded them onto his computer. Without an up-to-date virus-fighter, his laptop could've been infected.

"Especially since it's a kid's digital camera it's the last thing you'd expect to have a virus on it," Tapper said.

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Hat-tip: Consumerist


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