Friday, May 20, 2005

Another Sober Variant Set To Hit In Germany

An AP newswire story on Security Pipeline:

German officials warned Friday of a new variation of a computer virus that in the past has sent out far right-wing spam e-mails.

The so-called "Sober.p'' virus is expected to start infecting computers on Monday based on analyses of the virus's source code, the Bonn-based Federal Office for Information Technology Security said.

The expected effects are unclear, but Internet users should update their virus protection software, spokesman Michael Dickopf said.

The bug is a variant of the Sober virus family that first appeared on the Internet in October 2003. It is a "Trojan horse,'' a hacker back door, that can be used to turn victims' PCs into relayers of spam e-mail.

Last week, another variant of the virus hit the United States, Germany, and elsewhere, sending out a blast of e-mails with subject lines in German such as "60 years of Freedom: Who's Celebrating?'' referring to the end of World War II, and containing links to the NPD, a German far-right party.


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