Thursday, May 05, 2005

India enters the networking market

Hey! Don't mess with Texas!

Michael Kanellos writes in C|Net News that:

Following in the footsteps of China's Huawei Technologies and ZTL, a couple of Indian companies are trying to get a foothold in the global market for networking gear.

Though most of its sales to date have been in its home country, Tejas Networks, which is based here and specializes in Ethernet-over-Sonet boxes, has started to sell equipment in North America. Rather than sell the gear under its own name, Tejas serves as an original equipment manufacturer, or OEM, for multinationals, which put their own brand name on the products.


At Thu May 05, 08:02:00 PM PDT, Anonymous Suresh Ramasubramanian said...

Heh. "tejas" is a sanskrit word which kind of means "divine light", kind of like the halo that's supposed to surround saints and angels.


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