Thursday, June 30, 2005

Correction: Comcast outage...again

Marguerite Reardon writes in the C|Net News Broadband Blog:

Comcast customers in the Indianapolis, Indiana area are not able to check email and surf the web. Customers in the area have complained that they've only been experiencing intermittent Internet connectivity since Tuesday night.

A recording on Comcast's service line in the region acknowledges the issue, but didn't provide any additional information. A Comcast spokeswoman is still looking into the outage.

Comcast suffered a nationwide outage back in April when it experienced issues with its domain name servers, which translate and route Web page requests from users. Although Internet applications such as instant messaging continued working, Web site requests either did not respond or were sluggish.

Correction/Update: Again, this from Marguerite Reardon in the C|Net News Broadband Blog:

A Comcast spokeswoman said that service is operating normally in Indianapolis and has been all week. A recording on the local customer service line alerting people to a service outage in the Indianapolis and Pine Valley regions was a mistake, she said. And a big mistake it was. Comcast doesn't even serve the Pine Valley region, according to the spokeswoman.

But there was a fiber cut on June 28th in Fort Wayne, Indiana, she said. Crews were dispatched right away, and service was up and running within a few hours. The outage in Fort Wayne did not affect any other cities in Indiana, she added.

As for the customers in Indianapolis who said they can't surf the web or access email, she recommends contacting Comcast directly to report a service problem. But she said that whatever the issue is, it's not a network wide problem.


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