Monday, June 06, 2005

Covad, Earthlink trial phone and Internet service

Via Reuters.

Covad Communications Group and Earthlink Inc. said on Monday they would test a service offering telephone lines and high-speed Internet access to residential customers, aimed at competing with dominant phone and cable companies.

Earthlink, one of the larger U.S. Internet service providers, has seen its base of dial-up subscribers steadily erode due to competition from high-speed service. Earthlink's shares fell sharply last week after SBC Communications Inc., said it would offer broadband Internet access for $14.95 per month.

Covad and Earthlink said the trial would begin in October in Dallas, San Francisco, Seattle and San Jose, California. Pricing was not announced.


At Tue Sep 26, 12:28:00 AM PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have had an absolute nightmare sorting out Earthlink cell phone and high speed cable internet service and both Earthlink and Comcast play into all of this. I have had billing nightmares and service nightmares, which is too bad because Comcast definately needs competition. I am sure some of it is inherent in the fact that Comcast owns the cables and then processes the billing. Not to mention that Earthlink is still forced to subcontract or lease services from Comcast putting an extra and unfair burden on them as competition. Sommething should be done to create real competition without service and billing confusion.

That aside, I have spent hours and hours trying to work out some of these confusions with Earthlink. It is almost impossible to find a real person to deal with and even then, they have pat answers and transfer you relentlessly, and it was indicated that my problem was solved at least 3 times (x 4-5 hours) before it really was resolved. Not to mention that I was charged cell phone minutes in all of these hours of trying to resolve service issues with them! Too bad. I was hopeful.


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