Thursday, June 30, 2005

Mich., Utah to Launch E-Mail Registries

An AP newswire article by David Eggert, via Yahoo! News:

Two states are on the verge of trying to block porn and other inappropriate messages sent to children through e-mail, but critics question how the laws will be enforced and predict they could have unintended consequences.

Michigan and Utah have until Friday to create and operate registries of e-mail addresses similar to "do-not-call" lists. Businesses will have to buy copies of the registries and face prison time and fines if they send e-mail to any addresses that parents submit. The registries also can include instant-message addresses, cell phones and pager numbers.

Parry Aftab, an Internet safety expert with, said the laws were well-intentioned but flawed.

"Anytime anyone starts collecting lists of children, it's subject to hacking and misuse," Aftab said. "The last thing I want is anyone to have a large database of children."


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