Wednesday, July 13, 2005

NYC wants to track 530,000 diabetics

This article doesn't mention privacy or security concerns, but the topic is bound to come up over such a proposed data repository.

Bob Brewin writes in Government Health IT:

The New York City Department of Health, which is dealing with an epidemic of diabetes, wants a central system for tracking 530,000 residents who suffer from the disease.

The department proposes requiring laboratories in the city to enter the results of all hemoglobin blood sugar in a central electronic laboratory system, an unprecedented but needed step, said Dr. Diana Berger, medical director of New York’s diabetes prevention and control program.

The department wants to collect the results of hemoglobin A1c tests, which measure the average level of blood sugar over several months. The information will help the department better manage the 530,000 diabetics in New York and focus on reaching out to the more than 250,000 undiagnosed cases.


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