Thursday, August 04, 2005

.IQ TLD Redelegated And No One Knows Why

Bret Fausett writes in his ICANN Blog:

If you were following the issue of improving the transparency of the ICANN Board's decision-making during the Luxembourg meeting, a newly adopted resolution designed to provide additional information about Board decisions no doubt piqued your interest. Would the new resolution make a difference? I was skeptical in Luxembourg, but I held out hope.

Now that we've had a chance to put the new resolution to a test, let's review the transparency of the Board's latest decisions, taken last week in a closed telephonic Board meeting. The hot subject of the day was the redelegation of .IQ.


I'm mystified. We're moving backwards, not forwards. And the ICANN staff is almost three times bigger now than it was in February, 2002, so this is not a question of inadequate resources.


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