Friday, August 12, 2005

Music Industry Worried About CD-Burning

First, it's a Holy Jihad by the RIAA (and, needless to say, the MPAA, re: moving pictures) on file-shaing applications in the Internet. Now it's CD Burners? Give me a break.

This, in my humble opinion, shows the recording industry for what they really are -- money-grubbing media alarmists, who will use every dirty trick available to them to control what you see, hear, and digest.

This crap is getting waaaay out of hand.

An AP newswire article by Alexa Veiga, via Yahoo! News, reports that:

Music copied onto blank recordable CDs is becoming a bigger threat to the bottom line of record stores and music labels than online file-sharing, the head of the recording industry's trade group said Friday.

"Burned" CDs accounted for 29 percent of all recorded music obtained by fans in 2004, compared to 16 percent attributed to downloads from online file-sharing networks, said Mitch Bainwol, chief executive for the Recording Industry Association of America.


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