Tuesday, August 30, 2005

NOLA's Times-Picayune distributed online only

Boing Boing -- I gotta hand it to you guys. You're on top of the situation with some great coverage of the post-Katrina catastrophe on the Gulf Coast.

Boing Boing has had some great coverage of the issues unfolding in and around New Orleans since Katrina rolled ashore -- I urge everyone reading this to stay tuned in to Boing Boing for more great updates. And remember -- RSS is your friend. :-)

Having said that, I'll only echo this one additional snippet (posted by Xeni):

The New Orleans newspaper is (AFAIK) for the first time in its history *only* printing online. Its offices have been abandoned, and there are no means of printing a paper edition. These reporters have been doing an astounding job of covering an unfathomably large, complex, horrible series of events.

I've heard a number of friends -- including displaced pals -- say that the story unfolding in New Orleans feels to them a lot like 9/11. This was the largest national disaster we'd ever seen in America. It changed New York, and the country, forever. In both, great human suffering. But on 9/11, two buildings that had become an iconic part of a great American city disappeared. Now, it's as if an entire city is disappearing.


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