Thursday, September 29, 2005

Aaland islands in internet secession from Finland

An AFP newswire article, via Yahoo! News, reports that:

The tiny Finnish autonomous Aaland island group in the Baltic is to receive its own internet address country identification, ".ax" to replace the current use of Finland's ".fi", the government in Helsinki revealed.

The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority already recognizes the ".ax" suffix, which will go into use in March next year, when the island's official website is free to change its address from to, it said.

The Aaland islands, located at the entrance of the Gulf of Bothnia between Sweden and Finland, count 26,530 mostly Swedish-speaking inhabitants and have been autonomous since 1920.

A status that the islands, which unlike Finland are not part of the European Union, have turned into an economic asset: One of the Aalands' main sources of income is duty-free stops by busy Baltic ferries cruising between countries along the Baltic rim.


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