Friday, November 04, 2005

How the MPAA killed the movie theater experience

I was just reading a note in PoliTech from a Toronto journalist, James Reid, who explains his experience with the Gestapo-style tactics used by the film industry at a recent screening of a film he was invited to attend by his girlfriend (another Toronto journalist). And I have to tell ya, Hollywood is is getting way out of hand.

If there is any question in the minds of the doubtful regarding how the MPAA and other film industry strong-arm organizations have lost touch with reality, please read this.

Not only were they searched before entering the theater (women's purses, as well as metal detection wand body scan), a couple of security guards intimidated the audience during the entire screening with video cameras, obviously intending to remind them that they were being watched for "criminal behavior".

This is getting waaaaaay out of hand....

And they wonder why theater ticket sales are declining?


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