Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Last Chance to Support Patriot Act Reform!

Via The EFF.

Tomorrow, House and Senate members will likely be meeting to finalize a bill renewing the USA PATRIOT Act.

We've been fighting to ensure that the extensive powers granted by the original Act are not expanded and that controls are placed on its misuse. The Senate version of the reauthorization bill contains new checks and balances that will curb the worst excesses of the Act; the House version does not. Tomorrow's expected "conference" between selected Senate and House members will decide which becomes law.

This is your last chance to push for the Senate reforms to be included in the final bill, and to call for new controls on "National Security Letters," which the Washington Post reported last week have been widely used to spy on ordinary Americans.

Time is short: please call your representative and senators now. Ask them to urge the conference members to preserve the reforms in the Senate Bill.

Click on the link below to visit EFF's Action Center, where you will find the phone numbers to call and suggestions on what to tell your elected officials. It will take less than five minutes of your day and could make all the difference.


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