Friday, November 11, 2005

Tin foil hats are/aren’t dangerous

Image source: Engadget

Paul Miller writes over on Engadget:

Well, we’ve got some bad bad news for the paranoid (isn’t it always?): that snazzy collection of tin foil hats you keep for those rare events that draw you from the relative safety of your bunker in Idaho and into the dangerous outdoors, they aren’t doing much good protecting you from the deathly radiation that permeates the air.

In fact, according to some wiz kid at MIT with a $250,000 network analyzer, that tin cap of yours actually tends to amplify certain frequencies that are reserved by the FCC for government use only, meaning their mind control rays have the most effect on the very people who go to the furthest trouble to protect themselves from such trickery. Oh what a world.

The researcher theorizes that the government started this whole helmet craze in the first place, but we’re betting this kid knows where his scholarship money came from, and was commissioned for this phony report to get your guard down. Who you gonna believe?


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