Friday, January 27, 2006

Is AMD and Google Planning Something?

Charlie Demerjian writes on The Inquirer:

THIS IS A LITTLE more vague than usual, but here goes.

AMD and Google have something cooking. It sounds, from the vague, repeated, and quickly backpedalled upon hints that I am getting to be more than the Cringely-Karts, but no one is being specific.

People keep talking about the impact, and how 'big' and 'good' it is going to be, but the question of what is still up in the air.

Keep an eye out for cars, or 747s, going back and forth between the respective HQs, there is a bunch of work going on.

My bets are on 1) Search accelerators 2) HT backplanes of a large scale 3) Power power power. Anyone know for sure?


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