Thursday, January 05, 2006

Malaysian Youths Detained at Metal Concerts

Via Boing Boing.

On New Years Eve, a punk-rock concert organized by Paul's Place, a live jam establishment in Malaysia, was raided by police over accusations of "indecent behavior" and "engaging in Satanic black metal activities".

They detained the patrons of the concert (mainly youths with some professionals too), the organizers, and some of the performing band members (including some from Japan and Singapore).

They also detained some people who were eating at foodstalls nearby Paul's Place. The detainees were made to do drug tests and be interviewed by the media, which painted them as hooligans worshipping Satan (they even claimed that the concert was a replacement for a sex party in Langkawi). Among their claims of Satanism included black t-shirts, fanzines with "elements of violence, pornography, Judaism, and curse words like 'fuck'", and men and women mingling together in a place that served alcohol.


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