Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Real Mark of The Beast: New Zealand's Rakon Develops World's Smallest GPS Receiver

Image source: Engadet

Wow -- I'm not sure whether I'm just utterly impressed, or completely shook-up, wicked-scared.

And people think RFID is the Mark of The Beast... this would change everything. *shudder*

Marc Perton writes over on Engadget:

So you think today's handheld, SDIO and cellphone-based GPS units are small? Get ready for a new generation of even smaller GPS devices, ranging from wristwatches to slim cellphones to -- and we just know this is coming -- implants.

That's the promise held forth by what is being billed as the world's smallest GPS receiver, which was developed by New Zealand-based Rakon, a company affiliated with GPS-make Navman. According to Rakon, the chip is about the size of a baby's fingernail, and should be available in a range of devices within the next two years.


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