Wednesday, January 04, 2006

XM Satellite Debuts Portable Units

This, I think, is brilliant.

You won't normally see me spouting about any particular device or product, especially during CES, but this is just the thing (methnks) that satellite radio needs to garner subscribers.

God knows, they're not really going to be successful simply on their existing subscription plan -- there's just nothing compelling enough to warrant paying for it.

But talk about adaptive technology...

A Reuters newswire article by Franklin Paul and Ken Li, via Yahoo! News, reports that:

XM Satellite Radio Holdings Inc. on Wednesday debuted a pair of portable, hand-held radio receivers that will also store digital songs, and forecast about 50 percent subscriber growth this year.

The two devices, called the Helix and the Inno and manufactured by Samsung Electronics and Pioneer Electronics respectively, will store and play MP3 files and those encoded using Windows Media software.


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