Monday, March 06, 2006

Cisco CallManager 5.0 Could Require Considerable Infrastructure Upgrades

Phil Hochmuth writes on NetworkWorld:

Cisco's update to its CallManager IP PBX — introduced this week with native SIP support — will require broader upgrades to other network infrastructure gear beyond the data center were the CallManager sits, according to Cisco.

Unified CallManager 5.0 introduces native SIP support, which allows the platform to interact with other SIP-based client and server presence applications, such as Microsoft Office Communicator, as well Cisco's own Unified Presence Server and client software, being introduced this week. But an upgrade to 5.0 could have ripple affects across other gear, including IOS software upgrades routers in branch offices, as well as IP phone firmware, and possibly server configurations and corporate dial plans, the vendor says.

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