Friday, May 19, 2006

10 Rules That All Bosses Should Live By

Thanks to Mike Yamamoto over on the C|Net News Blogma Blog for pointing this out.

Pamela Slim lists 10 principles to live by for all employers out there on her Escape from Cubicle Nation blog:

I am writing to you as a newly minted rebel. My main purpose in life is to take your best, your brightest, most creative, hard-working and passionate employees and sneak them out the hallways of your large corporation so that they are free of the yoke of lethargy, oppression and resentment:

  1. Don't spend millions of dollars to try and change your culture.
  2. Stop running your company like the mafia.
  3. Spend a moment walking around the halls of your company and look at your employees.
  4. Teach people how to get rich like you.
  5. Don't ask for your employees' input if you are not going to listen to it.
  6. Don't train people until you know what problem you are solving.
  7. Ditch the PowerPoint when you have town hall meetings.
  8. Focus on the work people do, not how or when they do it.
  9. Watch the burnout.
  10. Forbid people to work while they are on vacation.

Explainations and details on each principle can be found here.



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