Thursday, May 18, 2006

IPv6 Conference, IPv6 Hype, IPv6 Yawn

As always, whenever there is a conference surrounding some specific segment of the technology space, there's always enough accompanying hype to fill a garbage scowl.

The worst offender in this regard is anything involving IPv6 -- running a close second is the VON crowd.

And this, in the wake of evidence that IPv4 is sustainable well into the future, and there is very little interest out there to justify singing so loudly the praises of IPv6.

Also, it doesn't help to have IPv6 evangelists such as Mr. Lightman [below] saying such disingenious things about something that is really nothing more than a larger address space.

Matthew Weigelt writes on

Nearing its limit, IPv4 use will peak in 2010 as IPv6 takes over and the United States must act now, an Internet industry leader predicted today.

“We are going to kill IPv4,” said Alex Lightman, chief executive officer of and chairman of the Federal IPv6 Summit in Reston, Va. The summit is already under way.

Lightman compared IPv4 with a black-and-white television in an era of high-definition, color televisions.

More hype here.


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