Wednesday, May 31, 2006

NARA Calls for Streamlining of Classified Records Management

And this, after many previously declassified documents were recently "re"-classified.

Alice Lipowicz writes on

The federal government needs to apply a more integrated approach to declassifying records, a new report [.pdf] from the National Archives and Records Administration recommends.

"We need to streamline the multiple, inefficient and, at times, ineffective independent agency reviews of the same material," according to the report, which was published by NARA's Information Security Oversight Office.

The office found that the level of reported classifications in fiscal 2005 decreased by 1.4 million in comparison to fiscal 2004 and is the first decrease observed since fiscal 2001. Even so, there are still increasing numbers of documents being classified, primarily for counterterrorism activities and critical infrastructure protection, at the Homeland Security and Justice departments.

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