Saturday, June 24, 2006

Om Malik: Sidekick 3 Sells for $4050 on eBay

The Sidekick 3
Image source: Engadget

Om Malik writes on his Next Generation blog:

Now some of us have been lucky enough to test out the Sidekick 3 - for instance, The Engadget Boys and Phone Scoop Gang - but even they could not have predicted the mad dash for the new Danger Hiptop, aka T-Mobile Sidekick 3.

One of these puppies just sold for a whopping $4050 on eBay. Not bad for a product that is soon to hit the market, and will be pushed hard by both T-Mobile, and Danger. The phone/communicator is going to cost $300 and is likely to be available later this week. Still, this does indicate good times ahead for Danger and T-Mobile. It is a nice device - with a far superior keyboard compared to the Sidekick 2, bluetooth, ability to play music and even vCard support.

With all the celebrities (and some infamous people like Paris Hilton) pimping it out, expect this one to be a monster hit.

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