Friday, June 23, 2006

Verizon Working to Recover Deleted 911 Calls in Massachusetts

Linda Rosencrance writes on ComputerWorld:

Verizon Communications Inc. is working to recover recordings of approximately 1.5 million 911 calls and radio communications accidentally deleted by a subcontractor during an upgrade of 911 equipment at the Massachusetts State Police Headquarters in Framingham, Mass.

According to a Verizon spokesman, a technician at Needham, Mass.-based Dictronics Inc. was doing a planned upgrade last week of a digital recorder used for 911 emergency calls and radio communications between troopers and headquarters. The work is part of a general contract for upgraded 911 equipment between the commonwealth of Massachusetts and Verizon.

After the work on June 13, Verizon officials were informed by the state police that up to 11 months' worth of recordings -- both calls and data -- were no longer accessible. Verizon spokesman John Bonomo said a preliminary analysis indicates that the incident may have been the result of an error by a Dictronics technician.

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