Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Brazilian Prosecutors to Sue Google Over Orkut Users

Via Red Herring.

Prosecutors in Brazil said they plan to sue Google this week over the search giant’s refusal to provide user information from its social-networking site Orkut.

A Brazilian court decision determined Tuesday the Federal Prosecution Service could move forward with the suit, according to a report out of Rio de Janeiro from China’s Xinhua news service.

The social-networking site owned by Google is wildly popular among Brazilians living in Brazil and those in the United States. Like MySpace, the site is a big draw for the interactions of young people who share messages and photos with one another.

But crime on Orkut in Brazil became a concern in May. After a Brazilian human rights commission presented evidence that Brazilians had used Orkut for criminal activity, Google agreed to shut down some areas of the site, which were in violation of its terms of service forbidding illegal or unauthorized use.

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