Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Google Checkout Triggers Complaints

Juan Carlos Perez writes on InfoWorld:

Merchants and shoppers are complaining that Google Inc.'s Checkout often takes too long to complete sales transactions and sometimes cancels orders unjustifiably and without warning.

The problem apparently stems from the review process Google performs on the Checkout transactions to prevent fraud. While they applaud antifraud efforts, users of this high-profile service, which was launched in late June, say Google needs to speed up the review process and improve its review-related customer service and communications. Otherwise, Checkout, which observers have characterized as a potential "killer" of rival service PayPal, risks failure, some warn.

Google hasn't replied to a request for comment, but at its Web site, Google explains that it employs standard credit-card verification methods in Checkout, as well as more specialized risk modeling, fraud detection and manual reviews if deemed necessary. Moreover, in the official Checkout discussion board for merchants, a Google staffer in the Checkout team routinely posts comments and answers under the name GoogleCheckoutPro, and on July 27 addressed the review delay issue, saying Google is committed to fighting fraud and minimizing risk.

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At Wed Dec 20, 01:34:00 PM PST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

DO NOT USE GOOGLE CHECKOUT!!! Everything goes fine until there is a problem in your order, then the Sh*t hits the fan. I purchased a camera from that was supposed to be here in time for christmas, when I found out the camera was on backorder, I changed from 2 day shipping to free ground shipping. However, google checkout took the liberty of charging me 16.95 for shipping I did not recive. And when I went to contact google checkout to resolve the matter, oooo wait! they don't have a phone support!!!!!! So I am forced to dispute this with the credit card company and drag out a long complaint because GOOGLE CHECKOUT SUCKS!!!! I WILL NEVER USE IT AGAIN AND I WOULD ADVISE ANYONE TO DO THE SAME!!!!!!

At Mon Jan 08, 08:42:00 PM PST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Google checkout SUCKS bigtime.

Here is my experience
12/23 - Order camera via Google checkout (Ritz Camera)
12/28 - Send enquiry for status : No response from Google
01/05 - Send enquiry again : No response from Google
01/08 - Called Ritz camera directly : they tell the order was cancelled the first day because the camera is out of production
01/08 - Send flaming email to Google
01/08 - Google sends email that order is cancelled.

It takes 15 days for Google to tell that order was cancelled, after 3 enquiry status to Google and one telephone call to Ritz

NEVER NEVER NEVER again any business to Google or Ritz for me.

At Wed Jan 17, 07:58:00 AM PST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Buyers Beware! Don't get attracted to discounts that Google Offer, $10 off $30 and $20 off $50. It is not worth the hassle. Last December 2006, I ordered the following items from using Google Checkout on the following: 1. 4 Books on Dec. 1, 2006, 3 of which were delivered via USPS on Dec. 5 and Dec. 9. The 4th book was delivered to Fremont, CA on Dec. 18 when I live in Nebraska. After several e-mails to and Google Checkout pointing out their shipping mistake, Google refunded my account $4.02 instead of $14.02 (book value), took away the $10 discount for over $30 purchase when it was's shipping mistake.
2. Creative Live! Cam Video IM Pro Webcam on Dec. 5, 2006 which was delivered via FedEx on Dec. 12, 2006. This WebCam is defective. Getting an RMA was a fight with I finally got one, shipped it back to their warehouse right away. According to UPS, the package was delivered to's warehouse on 01/09/07, it is already Jan. 17 and still no word about the refund from Google Checkout.
3. Polaroid Photo Printer w/Pictbridge (Model P310) ordered on Dec. 15, 2006. Google Checkout charged my credit card on the same day the order was placed. On Dec. 21, 2006, Google Checkout sent me an e-mail saying that my order has shipped. Christmas passed and no printer was delivered. I checked the status of my order thru's Tracking Link on Dec. 28. There was only one entry "December 19, 2006 3:34 p.m. Package data transmitted to FedEx, Carrollton, TX, and no Details". On Dec. 28, I called FedEx at 800-463-3339 at 11:02 a.m., spoke with Krista, who informed me that the shipper ( has only generated a label for the package but has not tendered it to FedEx for delivery. I also got the same information for my e-mailed inquiry to FedEx on Dec. 30. I sent e-mails about this information on Dec. 30 addressed to Customer Service Director and carbon copy to Google Checkout. I finally got the response on 01/08/07 from, apologizing for the disappointment and delays I have experienced with my order saying that at this time has approved my claim for a refund of $50. It has been quite a while since's last e-mail and still no refund so I sent an e-mail yesterday, 01/16/07 asking when the refund will be issued. In's response, I was told to contact Google Checkout about it. I sent Google Checkout an e-mail yesterday and up to this time, I still have not heard from them.
I will never use Google Checkout anymore. Google Checkout just like has no good Customer Service Support. All I did this end part of December 2006 and this January 2007 is e-mail these two bad companies. To consumers who are looking for discounts, I hope my experience will prompt you to think twice before you take Checkout's offer.

At Mon Jan 22, 09:14:00 AM PST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

AAArrgh. What a nightmare!

Placed an order with Dicks Sporting goods with google check out. Nothing arrived and no e-mail, so I called Dicks.

They have no record of my order, but I have started receiving their spam!

Dicks gave me a number to call which no one will answer and you get the message "the mailbox is full, good bye".

I can't cancel the order and Google has not responded to my THREE flaming e-mails.

Don't use Google checkout. Stick with paypal. They at least answer the phone!

At Mon Feb 12, 11:40:00 AM PST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I totally agree..ordered stuff with and googlecheckout both companies suck!! i never received an item with, it took me over 6 weeks of constant email battles to get my im having problems with google checkout getting my refund!! bastards say they processed it and 3 weeks later my credit card still has not gotten it... read up online, will never order from or use googlecheckout again. stick with google for searching and email... they apparently suck at anything that requires any customer service.

At Wed Oct 17, 09:26:00 AM PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You all people blaming googlecheckout for problems with your orders don't know how the whole thing works and the one you should be blaming is the stores themselves not GC.

GC is just a payment processor. The merchant is the only one responsible for fulfilling your order. Don't blame GC because the people where you placed your order are inepts and don't know how to charge the correct amount, provide customer service or fulfill an order correctly...enough said.

At Thu Nov 01, 01:02:00 PM PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

...that's not enough said.

Their taking no responsibility for any part of the transaction except collecting the money is the problem. The "help" they supply when there's a transaction problem appears to be limited to sending an email to the offending company.

My story:

I ordered a fairly expensive piece of equipment 9 weeks ago. When it didn't arrive after two weeks, I did two email queries through Google. No response. I then started calling the company direct. For awhile I'd get routed to the same guy, which unfortunately I've now found out appears to be the owner of the company. He would say he'd call the warehouse, find out the status, and get back to me. He never did. Repeat that sequence every few days for the last 6 weeks. I've complained to Google and they effectively did nothing and the business is now avoiding my calls. I was immediately charged $1700 for the item, Google apparently considers the transaction closed, even though the status is "not yet shipped", and I appear to have no recourse other than to do a credit card dispute.

I think Google Checkout is breaking the "Don't be evil" corporate motto in the name of making money. I certainly will never use them again.

At Wed Nov 05, 09:43:00 AM PST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I COMPLETELY AGREE, DO NOT USE GOOGLE CHECKOUT. They do not refund payments as promised. You have to request chargeback from the credit card company.

No contact numbers, no reply to emails.

No good google.

Don't use them!

At Sun Jul 11, 11:41:00 AM PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll go you all one better. Within a week of purchasing two used golf clubs from using Google Checkout, somebody was making unauthorized Internet purchases using my credit card information. I had to cancel my credit card and apply for a new one, which hasn't arrived yet. Google Checkout either has very poor security, or they do business with crooked merchants. It's almost impossible to communicate with Google about such issues, because they only have simple-minded forms that can be filled out.


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