Friday, October 27, 2006

F-Secure: Reselling Domain Names... to Phishing Gangs

Image source: F-Secure

Mikko writes over on the F-Secure "News from the Lab" Blog:

There's a very active aftermarket in domain names. These are domain names that have already been registered and are now being resold. For example, and are being auctioned today for highest bidders and they are expected to be sold for several million dollars each.

But most domain names are resold for a few hundred or a few thousand dollars (where the original registration price is typically $5 to $15).

Largest domain resellers include Sedo and Moniker.

There's nothing wrong in reselling cool domains like, or to anyone who wants to buy them.

But how about reselling domain that obviously belong to banks or other financial institutions?

More here.


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