Thursday, October 19, 2006

National Australia Bank Hit by DDoS Attack

Munir Kotadia writes on ZDNet Australia:

The National Australia Bank (NAB) has warned its customers to beware of new phishing attacks after the bank's Web site was hit by a DDoS attack earlier this week.

NAB customers experienced problems accessing the online banking service on Wednesday, according to a bank spokesperson.

"We first noticed [the attack] on Wednesday. For the moment it is not having any impact and has been OK for the past 24 hours but there was a bit of residual impact yesterday.

"Customers were having to, in some cases, try a number of times. It did slow down the access and jam the system intermittently," the spokesperson told ZDNet Australia.

According to the spokesperson, the bank decided to re-issue its phishing warning in case the fraudsters use future attacks to try and trick customers into visiting spoofed versions of the bank's Web site.

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