Friday, January 19, 2007

Telecom Italia Embroiled in New Espionage Scandal

Philip Willan writes on InfoWorld:

Milan magistrates have arrested four Telecom Italia employees for alleged illegal espionage activities, bringing a fresh wave of scandal crashing down onto the former national carrier.

The suspects were identified as Fabio Ghioni, the head of information security at Telecom Italia; his assistant, Rocco Lucia; and Guglielmo Sasinini, a former journalist who had been hired by the company to conduct country risk analyses for the Middle East region, according to a 230-page arrest warrant signed by Judge Giuseppe Gennari and widely cited in newspaper reports Friday.

A fourth warrant was served in prison on Giuliano Tavaroli, the former head of security at Telecom Italia, who had already been incarcerated on illegal espionage charges as a result of a separate investigation.

The four men are accused of using Telecom Italia’s resources to spy on Vittorio Colao, the former executive chief executive officer of the Rizzoli Corriere della Sera (RCS) publishing group, and on Massimo Mucchetti, the deputy director of the Corriere della Sera newspaper, as part of an elaborate intelligence operation that has all the hallmarks of a spy thriller, according to wire reports Thursday and newspaper articles Friday.

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