Friday, March 30, 2007

Lax Maxx: Stealing Customers' Data Still Seems All Too Easy

Image source: The Economist / AFP

Via The Economist.

Until recently TJ Maxx clothes shops were best known for a rapidly-changing assortment of brand-name clothing at rock-bottom prices. Now TJX, the American parent company that operates TJ Maxx (TK Maxx as it is known in Britain) and a clutch of other chains in 2,500 shops in America and elsewhere, may be better known for letting slip its customers’ credit- and debit-card details in bulk.

This week details were released of a huge security breach that first cam to light late last year (the company first admitted it had a problem in January). Hackers had apparently gained access to the card details of 45.7m customers.

Shamefaced spokesmen have tried to look on the bright side.

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