Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Massachusetts State Website Contains Data for ID Thieves

An AP newswire article by Ken Maguire, via The Boston Globe, reports that:

An array of personal information that can be used by identity thieves is freely available on the Web site of Secretary of State William Galvin, who recently criticized Gov. Deval Patrick for failing to protect information about voters on his campaign's site.

Social Security numbers, bank account numbers, home addresses and phone numbers can be viewed with a few clicks, and Galvin said Wednesday he doesn't plan to immediately remove the information because he's launching a software program to start the process within weeks.

"It's totally unacceptable that they are contemplating leaving it up," said Betty Ostergren, a Virginia-based privacy advocate. "Once they realize it's a veritable treasure trove, identity thieves will flock to it. They need to shut the links down."

Galvin refused to do so.

"This is standard practice in the business world," he said. "It's necessary for commerce. There are people who are reliant upon this system."

"This is standard practice in the business world"?

One has to wonder if the Mr. Galvin has been smoking crack...

More here.

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