Monday, April 30, 2007

NTT-Verio Shutting Down Controversial Website

Nancy Gohring writes on InfoWorld:

Privacy advocates are concerned that a move by Verio to stop hosting a controversial Web site points to a growing control of the Web by big business and governments., a Web site that sometimes posts documents about government policy and intelligence, received a short letter from its ISP, Verio, indicating that the site would be terminated on Friday. Verio, owned by NTT Communications, said the termination is due to violation of its acceptable use policy. has run afoul of Verio's policy before, but historically, the ISP has allowed the site to rectify the violation either by removing a document or proving that posting the document doesn't breach any laws. This time, Verio hasn't offered that opportunity and also hasn't specified how exactly the site violates the rules, said John Young,'s founder, in a note on the site.

Young did not respond to requests for comment about termination of the site, and Verio did not respond to e-mails and phone calls asking for more information.

More here.

Note: I have frequently referenced the "Calendar of US Military Dead during Iraq War" reference page. I would hate to see this extensive reference go away...


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