Sunday, April 29, 2007

Phone Taps in Italy Spark a Rush for Cellular Encryption

Peter Kiefer writes in The International Herald Tribune:

In trying to drum up business, it would seem that those who sell encrypted cellphones in Italy have a relatively easy task: Simply browse the major newspapers here.

Vice President Piero Fassino of the Democratic Left party could have benefited from one before comments he made regarding a sensitive bank takeover were splashed across the front pages.

Luciano Moggi, the former head of the Juventus soccer club, could have used one before Italy's soccer game-fixing scandal exploded after his phone conversations, which triggered the investigation, were intercepted by investigators and then leaked to the media.

And Prince Victor Emmanuel would have been well served by a secure cellphone before his conversations made public resulted in his arrest last year over allegations of providing prostitutes and dealing in illegal slot machines.

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