Thursday, May 17, 2007

Former Equifax Employee Accused Of Identity Theft


Officials are searching for a woman they say stole a Gwinnett County woman's identity to get a job at Equifax.

Tonia Leach said her identity was stolen by a woman who worked at a major U.S. credit reporting agency and investigators believe the identity thief is in the Gwinnett County area.

Leach first discovered that someone had stolen her identity after her credit report showed that Manpower and Equifax had conducted background checks on her. Since Leach had never applied for jobs there, she knew what happened.

Authorities said a woman stole Leach’s name, Social Security number and date of birth to get a job at Manpower, a temp agency. It was there the woman was also able to get a job at Equifax, a credit reporting agency.

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