Thursday, May 10, 2007

Sweden: Fraudsters Hijack 10,000 SEB Credit Cards

Via The Local (Sweden).

Credit and debit card numbers belonging to at least 10,000 SEB customers could have been hijacked by fraudsters, the bank has admitted.

"Other banks are hit by this too," bank spokeswoman Kerstin Ottosson said.

Eurocard announced on Tuesday that 1,000 customers were hit by a similar fraud attempt.

SEB received the first indications that something was amiss about ten days ago. The bank says that hackers broke into a national computer system handling card payments for shops, hotels and other retailers.

Ottosson said that card information should never be stored by payment systems, but said in this case it had been.

"That's a criminal act, pure and simple," she said.

The card numbers allowed the frausters to buy goods over the internet and to forge new cards.

More here.

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