Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Australia: Westpac Accepts No Blame in Security Breach

Liam Tung writes on ZDNet Australia:

Westpac has admitted that the details of around 1,400 Virgin credit card customers were exposed last week when its system security was breached, but Australia’s fourth largest bank has washed its hands of any blame.

A spokesperson for Virgin Money, which partners with Westpac to run the credit card accounts, confirmed that the incident affected 0.2 percent of its 700,000 customers -- that is 1,400 card holders.

Virgin credit card holders received letters last week explaining that their cards had been cancelled because of a "high risk compromise", which may have resulted in their "account details being compromised".

The security breach, according to a Westpac spokesperson, was "related to transactions made by a third-party vendor" through another bank's payment gateway.

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