Tuesday, July 03, 2007

ISPs Spying on Customers' Internet Activities, Inserting Ads in Web Pages

Scott Bradner writes in NetworkWorld:

Once upon a time ISPs just transported packets of information from place to place without looking at them other than to find out where they should go. Of course that could not last. Now a company is selling ISPs a device designed to spy on customer traffic, track preferences and insert specially selected ads during Web surfing.

Start-up NebuAd seems to be trying to put all ISP-related, bad network-behavior into a single box. It is trying to sell a device that, according to its Web page, will “analyze and act on consumer behavior” in order to develop a “keen insight into a consumer’s dynamic, Web-wide behavior.” Basically, the device spies on traffic to try to determine the “demographics, geography, life style and interests” of individual customers.

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At Sat Aug 04, 11:10:00 PM PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What I'd like to know, is: how is it that as Americans we can condone illegal activity by our own government? I mean, let's say you are calling your aunt in Topeka, and it so happens you live in Montana, but the channel goes through London, England or Turkey or whatever. And your call has content like "I nearly exploded with joy..." But they read this and their filter says "exploded" and you are now marked by their filter and you are now a subject for some foreign power to investigate and even delegate investigative powers to explore your "threat" level to their national security. Are you telling me that it is okay with you that foreign powers have the right to invade your private communications, state to state, and to even have some possible impact on your freedom? Maybe they will want to extradite you to their nation where you will be judged an "enemy combatant" by implied "codes" in your private talk with your aunt. You would logically say, this is international spying and you are not subject to their invasive activities. But You are still willing to okay your government to do this type of crap to foreign nations? What? Are we a planetary police state? You gonna buy this type of bull? This is the mentality of the clowns now holding the highest office in the land. They are liars and cheats in that they say they believe in government by and under LAW, but they act lawlessly. But you just sit on your hands and think and even believe they are good and honest men. I don't think so. All honest citizens of the USA must scrutinize their representatives and call them to account whenever they condone and empower such perfidy.


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