Tuesday, August 07, 2007

ATS: DHS Reduces Traveler Data Retention Time From 40 Years to 15

Alice Lipowicz writes on Washington Technology:

In response to more than 600 public comments, the Homeland Security Department has shortened the amount of time that it will retain data and made other changes to its Automated Targeting System.

Under the ATS, information on cargo destined to arrive in the United States, and on incoming U.S. and foreign travelers, is assessed against several terrorist threat databases to determine whether additional security checks are needed.

Formerly, the incoming passenger personal information in the system was to be held for 40 years, but now that time has been reduced to 15 years, the DHS said.

More here.

NOTE: Given the breadth & scope of the data that is collected, I'm not really sure that a reduction in the time the data is held really means anything substantial. - ferg


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