Monday, September 10, 2007

CSOs Still Clinging to Firewalls

Via CSO Online.

Although attracting support worldwide, American businesses aren’t necessarily buying into the Jericho Forum’s urging to rely less on hardened perimeter security -- firewalls and intrusion detection -- in favor of tougher internal security.

The forum, which is made up of CSOs from some of the largest international corporations, says it sees growing adoption of its once-radical idea that businesses should reduce dependence on firewalls as a way to defend against Internet threats. Nearly half -- 45% -- of those polled by the forum say they are implementing network security that complies with forum recommendations.

Forty-eighty percent say they agree strongly that such a security realignment actually improves their companies’ ability to do business, according to a survey of forum members. About half the members responded to the survey, 64% European and 29% American.

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