Thursday, September 27, 2007

Internet, Mobile Phone Lines Cut in Attempt to Hide Burma's Peril

Gina M. Scott writes on Government Technology:

Most of Burma's (Myanmar) mobile phone lines have been cut and the Internet network has been drastically reduced since the military junta cracked down on peaceful protesters this week. Charges by police and troops on demonstrators in Rangoon, especially near the Shwedagon pagoda, have left several dead, while dozens of people have been arrested and injured. Security forces opened fire on demonstrators near the Tarder Hotel in the centre of Rangoon Thursday.

As the security forces step up their crackdown by firing on crowds and arresting hundreds of monks and pro-democracy activists, communications continue to be severely disrupted by the authorities.

Internet communication has been slowed right down while more mobile phones have been disconnected. Many blogs maintained by Burmese citizens have been made inaccessible by the authorities. Despite these restrictions, pictures and reports continue to get out of the country thanks to the foreign journalists present there and to Burmese journalists.

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