Monday, October 29, 2007

Innovative Thinking: Wikipedia Entries Instead of Term Papers

John Timmer writes on ARS Technica:

The use of Wikipedia as a source of information for classwork has been widely reported on and has even happened in classes taught by our own Ken Fisher. But this may not mean that Wikipedia has no place in the classroom, if Martha Groom at the University of Washington-Bothell has her way. Instead of letting her students rely on Wikipedia as a source, however, Groom has turned it into a destination for their classwork: in place of a term paper, her students were required to create Wikipedia entries.

Groom, who teaches environment and ecology classes, presented her experience at the 2007 EDUCAUSE conference, which focuses on IT in the education environment.

More here.

Note: My hat is off to Ms. Groom -- now this, is innovative thinking. - ferg


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