Saturday, October 27, 2007

Security Experts Blast New Jersey's Anti-Phishing Effort

Robert McMillan writes on PC World:

Security experts are saying that a well-intentioned effort by the New Jersey Office of the Attorney General to combat phishing may backfire.

Earlier this week, State Attorney General Anne Milgram called on four banks -- Bank of America, Citibank, Washington Mutual, and New Jersey-based Sun National Bank -- to provide her with details on how they respond to phishing incidents.

This is a good move that will probably raise awareness about phishing, observers say. However, Milgram also asked the banks to send e-mail to their online customers, warning them that the bank has been a recent target for phishing scams and offering advice on how to tell fake e-mails form the real thing.

That raised a red flag with anti-phishing experts.

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