Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Siberian Hacker Shut Down

Via 1888 Press Release.

In January, the Russian software developer Smart-Soft discovered a breach of the copy protection on its internet traffic solution Traffic Inspector. The company contacted investigators from the cyber-crime unit of the Internal Affairs Ministry. Investigators traced the breach back to Yuri Navilnikov, a 24-year old resident of Tobolsk, Siberia who went by the aliases “Faza” and “Faza9.”

Tobolsk police located and confiscated the computer used to attack Smart-Soft. Further analysis showed that in addition to Smart-Soft, Navilnikov had cracked programs from other developers including Microsoft, Adobe Systems, Autodesk, ABBYY, and Ahead Software.

The hacker was charged with unsanctioned access to information and the creation, use and modification of harmful computer programs under Articles 272 and 273 of the Russian Civil Code. Faced with the evidence against him, Navilnikov admitted to his crime.

In August, Navilnikov was found guilty in criminal court and hit with a hefty government fine.

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Hat-tip: Global Security News


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