Wednesday, December 05, 2007

UK: Government 'Failing on e-Crime'

Rory Cellan-Jones writes for The BBC:

IT chiefs at some of the UK's biggest companies have accused the government of failing to take e-crime seriously.

Members of the Corporate IT Forum have demanded that the Home Office keeps a promise to establish a police unit to deal with high-tech criminal gangs.

They say the abolition of the National High Tech Crime Unit in 2006 left a vacuum in the investigation of e-crime.

The Home Office said it takes the issue "seriously" and has allocated funding to make reporting cyber-crime easier.

But members of the Corporate IT Forum, a professional body for industry computer experts, claim that crimes have to be reported to local police who do not have the training to understand complex cases.

"It's a practical nonsense," said David Roberts, Chief Executive of the Corporate IT Forum.

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