Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Industry Giants Lobby to Kill Pro-Consumer Data-Breach Legislation

Chris Soghoian writes on the C|Net "surveill@nce st@te" Blog:

In a direct slap in the face to consumers, tech industry giants including Microsoft, AT&T, and Verizon are frantically engaged in an effort to kill pro-consumer provisions in a data breach notification bill currently being considered by the Indiana State Senate.

The bill would require that the state attorney general act as a single point of contact for data breaches. Any company that suffered a breach impacting one or more Indiana consumers would be required to notify the AG's office. The bill would also make Indiana the only state in the country to to require the attorney general to post a copy of each report to its Web site--so that consumers, members of the press, and academics would have a single place to go to in order to find out about data breaches.

At a State Senate committee meeting this morning, lobbyist after lobbyist criticized the provision.

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