Sunday, March 30, 2008

Canada: RCMP Computer Security Breached, Documents Revealed

Via The Vancouver Sun.

The security of RCMP computers used to process evidence for a looming multimillion-dollar trial was breached from outside the agency, exposing sensitive files to the possibility of theft and tampering, Crown documents reveal.

The police computers were also used to view pornography and download music and illegal software, a letter from senior Kamloops Crown prosecutor Don Mann states.

The three-page letter, obtained by the Kamloops Daily News Thursday, was provided to four men accused of being part of a national auto-theft ring during a court hearing Wednesday.

The information in the letter relates to six computers that handled the massive volumes of Project Eau evidence.

The computers, which stored and processed more than 250,000 pieces of evidence, were exposed to viruses and the possibility of tampering after an officer with the investigating unit hooked the computers to the Internet, contrary to orders.

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