Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Client 9 Domains Snatched Minutes After Spitzer Scandal Breaks

Betsy Schiffman writes on Wired.com:

Just minutes after the New York Times published a story online yesterday about a high-class prostitution ring and the involvement of so-called "Client 9," Nick Galbreath, a 37 year-old software engineer in Manhattan, registered the client9.com domain for $10.13.

"The original story didn't name [Governor Eliot] Spitzer directly, but I thought [Client9.com] sounded catchy, so I bought it."

He wasn't alone. Speculators bought up all client 9-related domain inventory yesterday, including client-9.net, client-9.com, and client69.com.

And while rm871.com (the room where Spitzer reportedly met a prostitute) is taken, room871.com, which was registered in October 2007, is for sale for $750. Although there's no shortage of interest in the domains, the profits may not be there yet.

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