Monday, April 14, 2008

Russian SU Domain Registry Snubs ICANN

Nick Wilsdon writes on Russian Marketer:

ICANN is still attempting to delete the obsolete SU (Soviet Union) extension but having little success. While they have managed to decommission the .YU (Yogoslavia) extension successfully last year, they are finding rebellion among Russian webmasters, ISPs and the Registry itself.

To summerise the dispute so far, September saw ICANN release a statement urging “the current .SU operators to make it clear to the .SU registrants the issues surrounding the domain, as well as to freeze new registrations until its future is clear”.

In response, the .SU Registry announced an 80% price cut to the .SU domain, bringing it into line with .RU (Russia) pricing and the proposed launch of an IDN (international) version of the domain extension. Not exactly the reaction ICANN must have been hoping for.

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